Soldering alloys

Longterm experience and knowing the production allow us to oofer you wide range of soft solders which apply in every branch of industry, electrotechnics and electronics, with variety od shapes and chemical compositions.

High quality - modern technologies.

Thanks to using high purity metals we can guarantee high quality for the most demanding clients.

All soldering materials meet European standard's requirements and lead free solders are compliant with European Directives RoHS and WEEE. Soft solders are alloys with low melting temperature point. The most popular alloy is tin and lead alloy, with additives of other metals (e.g. antimony, silver, copper, bismuth, cadm, indium, zinc)

Other alloys used for soldering are produced on basis of tin-copper, tin-silver, tin-silver-copper, tin-antimony, tin-zinc. At the present more and more popular become lead free soft solders, which are much more enviromentally-friendly. We offer materials for many diferent technologies:

  • cored soldering wires
  • soldering wires
  • bars for machine soldering
  • cast solders
  • strips and foils
  • anti-oxidants