Precious metals containing scrap purchase

We purchase scrap and waste containing:
Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium and Iridium
We are also interested in purchasing scrap and waste of the following metals and their alloys:
Tin, Lead, Nickel, Copper,

Purchased scrap is analyzed regarding content of pure metals. The price is based on precious metals content, which is evaluated during analysis. Metal scrap can have different forms, sometimes very impure but even small content of fine metal can be valuable for us.

The materials for silver recovery are silver-bearing scrap and waste, such as:
  • used and/or scrap silver contact tips from electronic, machine and telecommunication industries
  • silver-bearing electronic components
  • silver-bearing residues after processing materials from photographic industry
  • silver components from chemical industry: parts of chemical instruments, electrodes, catalysts, gauzes, wires, waste after refining
  • alkaline accumulators, including aircraft accumulators
  • components of silver jewellery, abrasive compounds, semi-products, waste components and slags from jewellery industry
  • silver-bearing waste and semi-products from metallurgical industry
  • waste from precious metals processing
  • silver-bearing pastes and slimes from regeneration of antique objects

The materials for recovery of gold and platinum metals are scrap and waste, which contain precious metals, such as:
  • electronic components: integrated circuits, transistors, reel relays, diodes, printed circuits edge slats, microswitches, gold-plated sockets and pins
  • contacts containing gold, palladium, platinum, rhodium and used or waste thermocouples containing platinum and rhodium from electronic, leasuring-control instruments and telecommunication industries, also used laboratory equipment
  • residues and technological wastes which contain precious metals arising from metallurgical and chemical industries
  • abrasive compounds, fine chips and abrasive material from jewellery industry
  • catalysts and molecular gauzes which contain platinum and palladium from chemical industry, waste after utilisation of organic substance from production of hybrid systems by screen process printing
  • conductive and resistor pastes and wastes after organic substances utilization from a hybrid set production using serigraphy technique