Lead sheets, foils, strips

Utilisation of lead sheets:
  • X-rays shielding
  • inner coats of reaction tanks
  • production of anodes for electroplating
  • roofing

Lead sheets are made:
  • of fine lead - (Pb99,97 or Pb99,985 if agreed, in compliance to standard no. PN-EN 12659)
  • of lead alloys – with copper (according to DIN 17640 or BS 1178), silver, antimony or tin
  • as single-sided or double-sided tin-clad lead sheets or foils
  • corrugated for roofing with standard thickness 0,5mm or 0,6 mm and width: 150-500mm, max. length 2500mm
  • with laminate hardening

Our standard lead sheets have 1000 x 2000mm, but within our technological possibilities we can adjust sheet’s dimensions according to individual customer’s request. Informative range of our possibilities is given in a table above.

Lead in form of sheets is mainly used as a X-rays shielding. In most of X-ray rooms there are used sheets with thickness 0,5mm, 1,0mm or 2,0mm but final and proper thickness of lead protection depends on intensity of emitted radiation.

Knowing the specific weight (11,68 kg/dm3 ) of lead we can estimate the weight of lead sheets and plates with given dimensions, by multipling volume and specific weight. For example 1m2 of lead sheets with thickness 1mm weigh 11,68kg.