Business activity

Business representation

We are helping clients to choose and contact their trading partners, especially abroad, hold business meetings and communicate with their partners, negotiate terms and conditions of cooperation and prepare related documents. In addition, we assist our clients to reach amicable settlement of disputes and other issues.

Manufacturing operations in China

We are helping businesses to cut their costs by arranging cheaper production or contact with suppliers that are more cost-effective than the existing ones. We also offer additional services related to long-term contracts, from assistance with the negotiation of contract and technical conditions to inspection of input material.

International transport of goods

We offer two-way transport to non-European countries such as China including maritime transport. We own high-capacity containers.

Asset management

We are helping clients to choose suitable products and spread their investments in accordance with their plans and strategy. We advise our clients when and how to respond to developments in domestic and foreign markets to maximise their return on investment.

Cooperation with FREE COMPANY

Through FREE COMPANY, s.r.o., our partner company, we offer the supply of fuel to industries. The products come from the German company Vattenfall. Brown coal dust is one of them, combining the benefits of brown coal and the convenience of liquid fuel and being a highly cost-effective energy source for businesses.

Flue gas cleaning

Alpha Construction AG has set itself an ambitious goal to adapt existing energy installations to new environmentally friendly technologies. We are helping businesses to reduce their environmental footprint. Using the latest technologies, we provide solutions for flue gas cleaning. Our operations reflect the motto: ‘It does not matter what we incinerate, it is what we discharge into the atmosphere that matters!’
Innovation, flotation technology, technology for the treatment and enrichment of coal:

Alpha Construction Company also represents the company INNOVATOR Sp. o. o from the territory of Kazakhstan. This company has a large production potential with a highly qualified staff of engineers. It uses a modern, constantly improving technology and strives to constantly improve their innovative device, which in turn ensures high quality products. INNOVATOR has a unique line for strong galvanic wires with a diameter of 5 mm (circle) and tapes with a thickness of 0.3 mm and width of 70mm (in circles). It also provides other non-standard services in the field of metallurgy, carried out in accordance with the standards and according to individual customer needs. Based on many years of experience of experts from the Institute of nonferrous metals has also been developing and selling new generation of flotation machines and technologies for treatment and enrichment of coal. More information on this subject can be found at: www: