Bearing alloys

Standards: PN-ISO 4381:1997, PN-ISO 4381/AK:1998, PN-82/H-87111

They are used for bearing shells casting of slide bearings, which are used in high-speed engines, mills, turbines, rolls, air-compressors, railway cars, as well as lining of slide surfaces of mechanical parts. Bearing alloys for centrifugal and static casting are characterized by:
  • Low coefficient of friction between a shaft (made usually of steel) and a bearing shield made of suitably chosen alloy
  • Hardness, abrasion resistance and high load strength in higher temperatures,
  • Good thermal conductivity,
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good casting and cutting properties

Alloys are available In form of jumbos and pig sows with dimensions: app. 60 x 130 x 600 mm and weight 23 ±3kg.

Our assortment covers following alloys in compliance with: PN-82/H-87111* or PN-ISO 4381:1997**.

After agreement we can also manufacture other bearing alloys with modified compositions according to DIN, GOST, ASTM iand other.

We also supply type alloys for special orders.

All alloys are controlled, analyzed and delivered with appropriate test certificate.